STARMONGER ‘Revelation III’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Parisian power trio STARMONGER is back with the ‘Revelation III‘ EP, the third installment of their ongoing trilogy of Revelation releases.

The two-song ‘Revelation III‘ EP, released back in June, was preceded by 2017’s Revelation II and 2015’s Revelation. With this latest offering, Steve (Bass, Vocals), Arthur (Guitars), and Seb (Drums) deliver some spectacularly heavy rock with progressive undercurrents.

They do so with ample energy coursing through the music, you need to look no further than the opening track here, “Rust To Dust“, to experience it. Upbeat and fast-paced right from the start, the song is a tightly knit rocker possessing some cool interplay between the guys.

Eventually, the music takes a turn toward some intense psych-tinged doom with “Dark And Gloomy“, the second song. Channeling nods to such acts as Baroness or Forming The Void within its emanations, the denser music feels menacing at times. The use of organs/keys in some portions make for some intriguing textures, while a bit of hazy guitar soloing later gives way to more clearly metal-oriented ax work.

Stream the ‘Revelation III‘ EP from STARMONGER in this review or head over to Bandcamp [HERE] for further streaming and purchase options. Once there, you can find links to the band’s other EPs I mentioned earlier, Revelation II [link] and Revelation [link], which are currently available as NYP (Name Your Price) items.

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