ICHOR Debut ‘God Of Thunder God Of War’ Full Album Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Friday, October 5th saw Seance Records issue the long-awaited debut album from Australian black metal band ICHOR.

Some have wondered if that introductory release, ‘God Of Thunder God Of War‘, would ever see the light of day. That pondering undoubtedly helped in part by the fact that ICHOR was originally formed in 1993, by Wraith and Diablore, also members of Naxzul.


After recording a demo under the ICHOR moniker, the pair ultimately set the band on the back-burner at the time to focus more fully on Naxzul. Yet, in 2017, they decided to revive ICHOR, and the results of their unholy collaboration are what you are about to experience.

Riff Relevant is sharing the full album stream of ICHOR‘s ‘God Of Thunder God Of War‘ below. Your opportunity to delve into the sullen recesses of its grimly atmospheric excellence awaits you, where you will find dynamic contrasts of ambient textures and bleak heaviness.

God Of Thunder God Of War‘ from ICHOR is out on Seance Records; you can find purchase options HERE.

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