GARGOYL (Revocation, Ayahuasca Members) Stream Grunge-Trip Debut ‘Asomatous’ EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor

GARGOYL is the name of the new project founded by Revocation mastermind Dave Davidson, as a collaborative undertaking with guitarist-vocalist Luke Roberts and drummer Josh Park of Ayahuasca.

The trio spent the better part of the last two years creating the music of GARGOYL and, rest assured, people will not be hearing anything out there that is even remotely similar. Melding elements of shadowy goth and grunge rock with experimental jazz touches, the music feels raw at times, yet fluidly bound. If one were to attempt mustering a comparison for enticing others, imagine the trippiness of Mr. Bungle’s Mike Patton blended with a more progressive type Alice In Chains.

GARGOYL‘s début EP, ‘Asomatous, features two strikingly unhindered tracks, “Acid Crown” and “Waltz Dystopia“. Davidson offered the following commentary about them saying:

It was hard to choose the songs to put on this EP since Gargoyl has been evolving from the beginning, but I think these two tracks are a good representation of the diversity of our sound. The music is raw, emotional and hopefully thought-provoking, and we hope you enjoy this free EP and spread the gospel of Gargoyl as we prepare to finish up writing for our full-length record.

Hear both of the tracks below, while GARGOYL are expected to make announcements soon regarding both their as-yet-untitled full-length release and live dates.

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