INTER ARMA ‘Sulphur English’ Album Due April; New Single ‘Citadel’

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor

Richmond, VA’s renowned progressive doom collective, INTER ARMA, announce the upcoming arrival of their fourth full-length studio recording.

Sulphur English‘ is set to be issued from Relapse Records on April 12th and a first single from the album, “Citadel“, is being debuted today. Along with it, the ‘Sulphur English‘ album details and pre-ordering options are also included.

INTER ARMA vocalist Mike Paparo commented about the song “Citadel“, saying:

The lyrics to ‘Citadel‘ were written as a sort of clarion call to myself about overcoming depression and the demons that manifest with it. It, like most of the lyrical content on the record, is deeply personal to me.

For the band as a whole, Sulphur English is an ill-tempered, unrepentant act of defiance towards stagnation and complacency. We create this music on our own terms and we refuse to compromise our collective vision, for better or worse.

Citadel” indicates a concise alteration in the INTER ARMA sound compared to earlier output, just as Parparo eluded to above. The song is an undeniable discharge of old-school style death metal reminiscent of U.S. acts like Morbid Angel, as well as classic Swedish brutality like early Entombed.

The new single is streaming via official video below and further details are expected to arrive soon. Pre-order for ‘Sulphur English‘ is active now at these links:


Track list:

01. Bumgardner
02. A Waxen Sea
03. Citadel
04. Howling Lands
05. Stillness
06. Observances Of The Path
07. The Atavist’s Meridian
08. Blood On The Lupines
09. Sulphur English


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