Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Maryland Doom Fest 2019 announced its lineup of bands, sponsors, and fest tickets are available. Riff Relevant once again is a proud sponsor for these 2019 Fifth Anniversary events. We’ve talked about many of the bands traveling to Maryland for it, too.

Now we’re thrilled to see a new adventure for the Maryland Doom Fest, which has brought the heavy to many for nearly five years now. They have a new collaboration with Frost Giant Electronics in the creation of a custom, limited edition guitar effects pedal for that ‘Maryland Doom Fest Fuzz‘ for any musicians who wish to create their own heavy fuzz sounds or just like new effects gear.

A few details on this special edition pedal, from Eric Calvert – owner and founder of Frost Giant Electronics (also of Switchblade Jesus):

“The ‘Maryland Doom Fest Fuzz’ is a custom build of my Massif Fuzz. A single knob Fuzz beast with a good amount of tonal control, with just a single volume knob on the pedal. The Fuzz is internally set with the gain to max, a smooth gain with a ton of sustain. It has a nice midrange bump to make it aggressive and stand out in the mix live.

This will be a custom internal (components) build that will set it apart from the stock Massif pedal that I build. This pedal will be a unique tuned build specifically for the Maryland Doom Fest. These pedals (and all Frost Giant Electronics pedals) are hand-built in Texas, using the most top shelf parts available. The casing will be powder coated Metallic Black with Full Color printing as in the prototype image.”

You can pre-order the ‘Maryland Doom Fest Fuzz‘ pedal through Frost Giant Electronics website [Pre-order HERE] and check out their other gear and items at


The Maryland Doom Fest this year again takes place at Cafe 611 and Guido’s Speakeasy in Frederick, Maryland, with 2019’s events happening June 20th through 23rd (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I created a couple of playlists to grab an earful of what you’ll be in store for at Maryland Doom Fest 2019. The links are below, with the Spotify playlist available to stream here. Riff Relevant has shared much info on prior years’ events (past articles here), and we’ll be tempting you further with more details up until the fest weekend and beyond…


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