Exclusive: ILL IN PAIN Premieres ‘Serve’ Debut EP Full-Stream

Ill In Pain

Article By: Taylor Waring ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Brighton, United Kingdom duo that makes up ILL IN PAIN aren’t mincing words… or sounds. Riff Relevant is sharing a full stream of their new EP ‘Serve’ in advance of its March 30th release date, but it won’t take more than 15 minutes, I promise.

ILL IN PAIN‘s début EP, ‘Serve‘, rapidly delivers an extremely visceral uniting of hardcore-punk, black metal, and grind, all in under 15 minutes total. They’re harnessing the best influences from acts such as Dead In The Dirt, Full Of Hell, and Nails. Blending elements from multiple aurally assaultive genres, the five-track EP is unrelenting. It isn’t a mish-mash of styles just to make noise, the five songs display a very real state of confusion and turmoil, alongside empowerment and progression.

The release layers ideological statements of working rights, the Western political landscape, carnism, and the misinformation and subsequent mess of each subject. As overwhelming as the topics may be to some, the title track “Serve” emphasizes a position of power and forever-looking-forward progression. ILL IN PAIN may be eye-opening, but they also aim to provide motivation for solutions, without an engulfing preachiness encumbering the brute strength of the record overall.

Self-recorded and self-produced, the importance of maintaining full control without detriment to the material was a focus for the duo. They took care to ensure the five tracks are presented exactly how intended – calculated and blunt. They removed much of the coarse and punishing nature this genre often relies on. It’s short, sadistic, and sweet.

We have the première of an advanced full-stream of the ‘Serve‘ EP below via Soundcloud. The EP is set for release on most digital streaming outlets as of March 30th, 2019 [digital pre-save], and will also be available in physical format on high-bias limited edition cassette tape via Astral Noize Records. Only 50 cassettes are available, so pre-order.

ILL IN PAIN has an EP release show for ‘Serve‘ this Saturday, March 30th at Seek & Destroy Fest at The Green Door Store in Brighton, U.K., along with a slew of other noise maniacs like Svalbarduk, Opium Lord, Calligram, and more. Check out the teaser video below [Instagram post].


Ill In Pain Serve EP

Serve‘ Tracklist:

01. The Samaritan
02. Serve
03. Corrosion
04. Vacuum
05. Icon

Pre-order the ‘Serve‘ EP at Astral Noize Records’ Bandcamp page.

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