VICIOUS RUMORS 40th Year ‘Road Rage Tour 2019’

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Long-running U.S. metal band VICIOUS RUMORS have been in the midst of a world tour since the fall of 2018, a trek that pays homage to one of the band’s most revered album releases of the past.

The “Digital Dictator 30th Anniversary Tour“, celebrating the band’s Roadrunner Records-released 1988 studio album of the same name, will end at the Keep It True Festival in Europe this week. How do you think the guys might wind down or decompress, after such an extensive period on the road? Why, isn’t it obvious?

VICIOUS RUMORS announce an all-new run, the “North American Road Rage Tour 2019” to commemorate the band’s 40th Anniversary this year! With a brand new set of songs, many of which are classics that have not been played live anywhere for years. The 60-date excursion kicks off in Redding, California May 4th. From there, VICIOUS RUMORS will work their way across the mid-U.S., then head north to Canada, down the U.S. east coast, and then across the southwest before wrapping in Santa Rosa, CA. June 22nd.

In 1979, VICIOUS RUMORS were formed in the San Francisco area by guitarist Geoff Thorpe, who remains in the band to this day. Those early days saw things off to a rocky start, VICIOUS RUMORS was seemingly unable to maintain a definitive roster for a long time. Despite this, these unstable line-ups of the band did manage to play all throughout the U.S., while appearing on several metal compilations before finally signing to Shrapnel Records.

During this period of the early to mid-Eighties, the Bay Area was exploding with bands like Testament, Exodus, Lȧȧz Rockit, and Metallica putting their home on the musical map. Even though VICIOUS RUMORS shared stages with many of them and became friends with many others, these guys were definitely marching to the beat of their own drummer, so to speak. While others were developing speed, pioneering the burgeoning thrash metal movement of the west coast, VICIOUS RUMORS were exploring their own interests in audio. These included dual guitar harmonies, abundant melodic elements, and vocals reminiscent of the NWOBHM bands like Judas Priest or Saxon while drawing only a minimal bit of influence from thrash metal.

In 1985, VICIOUS RUMORS released their début album, ‘Soldiers Of The Night‘, where Thorpe was joined by singer Gary St. Pierre, bassist Dave Starr, drummer Larry Howe, and guitar legend-in-the-making, Vinnie Moore. Now on their way, the band would craft their legacy from that point forward, one that would result in amazing, now-classic album releases from a wide cast of musicians over the years. Some that were favored to either record or perform with VICIOUS RUMORS include vocalists Carl Albert (R.I.P.), Morgan Thorn, Brian Allen, and James Rivera; bassists Tommy Sisco and Chris “Cornbread” Lombardo; drummers Bryan Hurt (R.I.P.), Don Selzer, and Will Carroll. Of course, the band always tried to maintain having the very best guitarists available in metal and have included Jamie Scott, Steve Smyth, Brad Gillis, Ira Black, and Thaen Rasmussen.



Last year (2018), VICIOUS RUMORS released ‘40th Anniversary – Live In Germany‘, a special edition DVD containing their crushing set at the 2017 Bang Your Head Festival in Germany. The DVD is available only at the band’s live shows and online through the VICIOUS RUMORS website HERE; while streaming and digital downloads can be found at Vimeo HERE.

The upcoming “North American Road Rage Tour 2019” with VICIOUS RUMORS, the current line up of Geoff Thorpe (guitars, vocals), Larry Howe (drums, vocals), Gunnar DüGrey (guitars, vocals), Nick Courtney (lead vocals), and Cody Green (bass), promises to be an incredible event. Whether you are a decades-long fan of the band or one that recently discovered this integral act, a VICIOUS RUMORS performance is sure to be a highlight of 2019 and beyond!

– VICIOUS RUMORS 2019 North American 40th Anniversary Road Rage Tour –

May 04 – The Dip, Redding, CA
May 07 – Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
May 08 – Antero Music Hall, Lakewood, CO
May 09 – The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO
May 10 – Red Fish/Blue Fish, Saint Charles, MO
May 11 – Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA
May 12 – Amsterdam Bar & Hall, St. Paul, MN
May 14 – Club Garibaldi, Milwaukee, WI
May 16 – Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, IL
May 17 – Frankie’s, Toledo, OH
May 18 – The Atria, Oshawa, ON, Canada
May 19 – Piranha Bar, Montreal, QC, Canada
May 20 – L’Anti Bar & Spectacles, Québec, QC, Canada
May 21 – Mavericks, Ottawa, ON, Canada
May 22 – Bug Jar, Rochester, NY
May 23 – The Arts Block, Greenfield, MA
May 24 – The Loft @ The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY
May 25 – Chrome, Waterford, NY
May 26 – Irish Wolf Pub, Scranton, PA
May 30 – Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ
May 31 – Blackthorn 51, Elmhurst, NY

Jun. 01 – Bar XIII, Wilmington, DE
Jun. 02 – Sparta Inn, Baltimore, MD
Jun. 03 – The Drunk Horse Pub, Fayetteville, NC
Jun. 04 – Calico Room, Wilmington, NC
Jun. 05 – 529, Atlanta, GA
Jun. 07 – Churchill’s Pub, Miami, FL
Jun. 08 – Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL
Jun. 09 – Brass Mug, Tampa, FL
Jun. 12 – Diamond Jim’s Saloon, Arlington, TX
Jun. 13 – The Deadhorse, San Angelo, TX
Jun. 14 – Boozerz Rock Bar, Corpus Christi, TX
Jun. 15 – Bonds Rock Bar, San Antonio, TX
Jun. 16 – B~17 Bombers Oyster Pub, El Paso, TX
Jun. 17 – House of Bards, Tucson, AZ
Jun. 18 – Joe’s Grotto, Phoenix, AZ
Jun. 19 – Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood, CA
Jun. 20 – Blue Lamp, Sacramento, CA
Jun. 21 – Longboard Margarita Bar, Pacifica, CA
Jun. 22 – Rock Star University House Of Rock, Santa Rosa, CA


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