DIESEL BOOTS Debuts “Whisky ‘N’ Tears” Video Single

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Southern Californian singer and songwriter DIESEL BOOTS is the Delta blues/ outlaw-psych-rock-playing alter ego of one Collyn McCoy (Trash Titan, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic, ex-Aboleth).

He is quite the busy hard rock troubadour these days, recently releasing a debut single, “Whiskey ‘N’ Tears” (b/w “This Is All I Have“). Accompanying the lead track is an official video clip that captures DIESEL BOOTS and some friends cutting loose at a favorite watering hole. Joining in on the jam here, along with the album that is currently underway, are Snail’s Matt Lynch (bass) and Marty Dodson (drums). Some of the folks appearing in the video include Mariana Fiel (High Priestess), Keith Gibbs (Sasquatch), Trent Ramseyer (Whores Of Tijuana), Corey Dean Little (Dirty Red), and the artist Skillit, among others.

The gonzo, fly-on-the-wall look of the video is an ideal extension of the song, “Whisky ‘N’ Tears“, as well as the others for the album. Taking a low tech, D.I.Y. approach to the recording of this song, what you hear is how it happened… with no overdubs or edits. Matt Lynch (Mysterious Mammal Recording) utilized a rudimentary set-up to record the track live to four-track, then mixed and mastered it with minimal digital manipulation at All Welcome Studios, Inglewood, CA.

Lynch refers to the song’s overall styling and sounds as one that is:

…like a possum roasted over the flames of your ex-wife’s belongings, garnished with gun powder, and washed down with a handle of Wild Turkey.

Whiskey ‘N’ Tears” and “This Is All I Have” can be streamed below and is available on all major platforms. Physical CDs are available in limited numbers at DIESEL BOOTS merch tables and Bandcamp page where you can also find t-shirts and related accessories.




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