Exclusive: TEMPTRESS Premieres Self-Titled Debut EP Full-Stream

Temptress Band

Article: Leanne Ridgeway

A quartet of misfits thunderously tempting fate to boom their way across Big Texas and beyond at the speed of sound. By way of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas comes one raucous TEMPTRESS.

Kelsey Wilson (vocals, lead guitar), Andi Cuba (drums, vocals), Erica Pipes (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Christian Wright (bass, vocals) all decided to get together in mid-January 2019, for a simple afternoon of rocking out with the intent for nothing more than keeping their skills sharpened. They weren’t planning to be a band. It just worked.

In less than five months, these four seasoned players went from jamming for fun in a practice space to writing and recording three potent heavy metal songs and then began performing them live with the likes of Heavy Temple, Stonecutters, and Backwoods Payback.

TEMPTRESS is already well on its way to completing the writing and recording of a debut full-length album, as well as currently planning a tour. On June 7th, they will present those first original three songs in a debut self-titled release, ‘Temptress‘, but before that, we have an advanced full-stream exclusive premiere of the entire EP.

Some words from lead guitarist and vocalist Kelsey Wilson on the new music:

“I’m excited, we all are, to be taking the reins on this new project. Our material and lyrics are going to show the true side our nature: intense, sexy, fun-loving rock n roll. We put a lot of meaning and integrity into this new album, which I believe will shine through once it’s all said and done.”

This is no sweetly shy Temptress playing hard to get or seducing you with a siren’s song… this is raw and unabashedly roaring with aggressive confidence to boldly strut naked right across the room without a glance back at you. They won’t need to check if you’re paying attention. Ripping full-speed out of the gate with straightforward heavy rock ‘n roll and traditional heavy metal, TEMPTRESS isn’t wasting any time and they sure as hell don’t strike me as a band that even knows the meaning of “timid.” Have a listen for yourself…



Temptress‘ was written, performed, and produced by the band. Recorded at Aqualab Sound Recordings in Dallas, Texas, by Josh White, with mastering by Frank Heath at Workshed Engineering in Birmingham, Alabama.

Temptress‘ will be available on Friday, June 7th via Bandcamp, with pre-order and the first single “Hot Rails” streaming. We also have the video below for that track and it’s a kinetic head-bashing of non-stop brutality. Temptress has upcoming live dates, with more tour plans in the works:

Jun. 18 – Dallas, TX – Club Dada (w/Dead Now, Royal Thunder)
Aug. 03 – Arlington, TX – Division Brewing (w/Silvertonguedevil, Red Beard Wall, Monte Luna)


Kelsey Wilson – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Andi Cuba – Drums, Vocals
Erica Pipes – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Christian Wright – Bass, Vocals

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