ANGEL WITCH Sign To METAL BLADE RECORDS w/ Ltd. Cassette Giveaway

Photo: Ester Segarra
Article: Leanne Ridgeway

After an ANGEL WITCH spotlight just this past June, we bring a new announcement that the band has recently signed on as part of the Metal Blade Records roster.

ANGEL WITCH‘s 1980 eponymous debut on Bronze Records created shockwaves that would resonate throughout the nascent realm of thrash, doom, and death metal. Now, nearly four decades later, the band remains custodians of a style that transcends era and archetype. Their current line-up was first formed eleven years ago, delivering 2012’s critically acclaimed album, ‘As Above, So Below’.

The long-awaited follow-up to this record will finally arrive in winter 2019, via Metal Blade Records. ANGEL WITCH comments:

“It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since we recorded our last album and it is so exciting for us, personally, to have another record fully finished and in the bag which reflects the passion and chemistry of the line-up we have enjoyed over the last two and a half years.

“When looking for a label to release material we were so vibed up on, we knew we needed a team around us who shared the same level of enthusiasm for the project that the band members have and, even though we’re still a month away from street date, it already feels like we have found just that in the Metal Blade family: their perfect balance of understanding where were coming from, their own, subtle, creative input, diligent adherence to the timelines which curb our internal prevarications, and the ability to ask, ‘Do you really think that’s going to work lads?’ When needed, has made all the difference in turning eight songs we recorded in rainy Leeds into a fully fledged album project. What else would you expect from an international company staffed entirely by Heavy Metal fans?”

Before the upcoming album’s release, ANGEL WITCH is giving some lucky fans the chance to listen to new music early, with a special limited cassette giveaway. Featuring pro-tape and a xeroxed inlay, the release is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies and is exclusively available via Gleam.

Sign up for your chance to win a copy.


Kevin Heybourne – vocals, lead guitar
Jimmy Martin – rhythm guitar
Will Palmer – bass
Fredrik Jansson Punkka – drums

ANGEL WITCH comments:

“Seeing how the opening cut from our new album has some riff, structure and melody ideas (not to mention the title – which we can’t tell you yet) culled from an old Angel Witch live tape that was traded extensively back in the mid-eighties, we thought it would only be right and proper to dub up some copies of the song onto cassette and give you the chance to get your hands on one for yourself.

“If you win, put it on your trade list and dub it for your contacts. And, please, send back my stamps!”

While the cassettes aren’t available to buy, if you win one, the band is apparently giving you full opportunity to copy it and trade it around. Feel free to send us all a copy! Until more information on the new album is available from Metal Blade, those in Europe can catch ANGEL WITCH live this coming Halloween (info below). The rest of Earth can check out a recent live fan video the band shared of them performing “Baphomet,” featuring Neil Carter and Vinnie Moore, at Rock The Coast Festival on June 14th.

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Oct. 31: Hamburg, DE @ Knust – Heavy Hamburg Halloween II


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