Exclusive Premiere: RED STONE CHAPEL New Single “The Paper King” As ‘Omega Boombox’ Album Nears

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

As was recently detailed HERE, Germany’s RED STONE CHAPEL will release ‘Omega Boombox‘, their début full-length album, on October 25th via Argonauta Records.

The eight-song album contains a most fine selection of Southern-influenced stoner rock, blended with a heavy dose of sludge, blues, and classic rock elements, as well as spoken word parts. With a gargantuan sound chock full of gritty riffs, thundering rhythms, and topped off with gravelly vocals, RED STONE CHAPEL have built quite an altar to rock and roll here.

We are super enthused to present the exclusive premiere of the new single,”The Paper King“, streaming in the video below. The rousing number delivers a hefty chunk of granite-hard rock laden with durable grooves, an altogether heavy mass that will appeal to fans of early Clutch, Scissorfight, The Midnight Ghost Train, and more.

RED STONE CHAPEL was formed in late 2009, and from there spent years making music for the sake of making music. Eventually, the band added a third guitar when the time came to get to work on their first record and now, we collectively stand on the horizon of the album’s imminent arrival.

Omega Boombox‘ features artwork created by Felix Bäcker , it is available in the formats listed here and will see official release from Argonauta Records on October 25th.

CD  /  Red Vinyl LP  /  CD+LP Bundles  /  Digital



01. Squid Limbo
02. Dead Man’s Chime
03. Thieves In The Attic
04. Panta Rhei
05. Praise The Fool
06. The Paper King
07. Omega Boombox
08. Herc (That Motherfucker)


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