Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

We finally have the full reveal of The Maryland Doom Fest weekend events and set schedules for the bands! 

The fest celebrates its 6th anniversary in 2020, and today brings you the fully updated roster as well as each day’s lineup of bands scheduled to hit its two-venue stages. Their mainstay Frederick, Maryland venue Cafe611 is still the primary spot, and where all the headlining acts will perform. With the closing of Guido’s Speakeasy and the subsequent news that it would not be reopening, the fest surprised us all with some fantastic news a few weeks ago.

The second venue for the fest is a new partnership with Olde Mother Brewing! Each venue is still just steps away from the other (a little over 200 feet from door to door, a two-minute walk/crawl), but this new addition of Olde Mother Brewing brings a more balanced space capacity between the two venues. For folks who’ve attended in the past, Guido’s was indeed much fun, but you had to be in quick before it would fill up shoulder-to-shoulder for most sets. While I’m sure all of Frederick will miss their beloved Guido’s, fest fans and friends will have some extra breathing room to catch their favorite acts at the new second joint.

The Maryland Doom Fest will take place from June 18th through 21st (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). No more Pre-Party, it’s now a straight four days of doom. Featuring the legendary acts Cirith Ungol, Blood Ceremony, Speedealer, and Mondo Generator all confirmed to headline the four nights of top-shelf doom metal and heavy underground sounds! With today’s update, we find the heavyweight headliner support now includes Boston riff masters Worshipper, as well as a few other switch-ups throughout the weekend.

There are a LOT of acts to see over the course of these four nights. This sixth festival year includes over fifty bands to cover every dark and dank corner of metal subgenres across every inch of the two stages from start to finish each night. Pace yourselves and don’t forget to hit those merch tables, people… just look at this night by night breakdown:



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June 18th – 21st, 2020 


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Along with the Maryland Doom Fest 2020 roster news, we’ve included both a Spotify and Youtube MDDF 2020 playlist to get some ear prep for June 2020. Our MD Doom Fest 2020 Sampler Playlists are streaming below… see you at the fest!



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