EARTH DRIVE Reveals “Dharma Throne” Single From ‘Helix Nebula’

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

It has seemingly been an unusually long, two-plus years since we last heard from Portugal’s crew of interstellar cosmic rockers EARTH DRIVE.

Our last contact came by way of the 2017 album offering, ‘Stellar Drone’ [review]. All of that changes today, as we share news of an all-new studio recording from EARTH DRIVE, one on the horizon and drawing closer. That’s right, the band’s sophomore album is titled ‘Helix Nebula‘ and it is scheduled to arrive March 13th from Raging Planet.

Once again, EARTH DRIVE creates enthralling songs emitting strong atmospheric components and intense vibrations with immersive textures. Returning vocalist Sara Antunes, guitarist and vocalist Hermano Marques, and bassist Luis Silva, now joined by drummer Sebastião Santos, have refined their sound with even stronger atmospheric elements.

With a future rife with viscerally remarkable optimism, their musical artistry reflects a determination to expand. This is immediately clear in the contents of “Dharma Throne“, the first single to be shared from the upcoming release. From the song’s early wave of raw, gritty riffs amid accelerated paces, the unveiling celestial nuances are fluidly psychedelic at their strongest.

Listen to the audio single here below. Included with it, the Daniel Martin Diaz created album artwork and tracklist. The new EARTH DRIVE album ‘Helix Nebula‘ is due March 13th from Raging Planet.



01. Cosmic Eye
02. Helix Nebula
03. Holy Drone
04. Spectra
05. Axial View
06. Dharma Throne
07. Nagarjuna
08. Anulom Vilom
09. Science Of Pranayama
10. Deep Amazon
11. Space God
12. Phantalien


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