MR. BISON New ‘Seaward’ Album Due In October

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Article by: Leanne Ridgeway

Heavy psych bluesrock trio, MR. BISON will release their brand new and hotly anticipated full-length record, entitled ‘Seaward,’ on October 16th via Subsound Records (Europe) and Ripple Music (North America).

Being influenced by acts such as Captain Beyond, Jimi Hendrix, and the more recent Motorpsycho, the band from Cecina, Italy creates a wild trip and unique musical journey packed with psychedelia and virtuosic fuzz deliriums. Within just a few years, trio MR. BISON established itself with initial releases ‘We’ll Be Brief‘ (2012) and the critically-acclaimed ‘Asteroid‘ (2016) as one of the most exciting combos in the heavy psych scene.

Following their most recent critically acclaimed record, ‘Holy Oak‘ (2018), ‘Seaward‘ will see MR. BISON to continue their path of expressive melodies and high-voltage grooves that you cannot escape and is arguably the most blazing, powerful and eclectic album to date. The band gives a deep insight into their new record:

“Curious to explore the world of progressive, and the vocal harmonic solutions of the Golden Era like Crosby Still & Nash, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, we decided to forge the new album ‘Seaward’. It’s a concept album that draws inspiration from the sea and from the legend of the 7 pearls of the Tyrrhenian Sea and as an imaginary horizon. It’s developed in 7 songs as a reference to the 7 pearls of the Tyrrhenian, narrating myths closely related to the sea, from the magic of the Sirens and the sacrifice of Andromeda to the heroic adventures of Ulysses and the ruthless curse of Scylla. 7 like Aphrodite’s pearls and the number of days in each moon phase, which affects the tides and the mood of each individual who, during magical moments of solitude and reflection, finds refuge in the horizon and in the wonderful echo of the vibrations of this majestic expanse of water.”

The project is realized with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative “Per Chi Crea.” We have the first and title track “Seaward,” as well as the final track “The Curse” – streaming today, along with the new official lyric video for the latter song.


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01. Seaward
02. From The Abyss
03. I’m The Storm
04. Oudeis
05. The Sacrifice
06. Underwater
07. The Curse

Seaward‘ is the culmination of a full year’s hard labor and was recorded by Matteo Barsacchi, with mix and master done at Audio Design Recording by producer Jordan Andreen (Earthless, Sacri Monti). The artwork is by Robin Gnista Art & Design.

The new MR. BISON album will see the light on October 16th via Subsound Records and Ripple Music and is available to preorder now in the following formats:

– 250 pcs. Ltd. red transparent w/ black splatter vinyl (Subsound)
– 200 pcs. Ltd. ultramarine vinyl (Subsound)
– 350 pcs. Black vinyl (Subsound)
– 150 pcs. Ltd. solid blue vinyl (Ripple)
– 100 pcs. Ltd. cassette tape (Subsound)
– CD digipack
– Digital download/stream

EU: Subsounds Records – Store | Bandcamp
NA: Ripple Music – Store | Bandcamp

Seaward” track streaming via Subsound Records:



Matteo Barsacchi – Guitar, Vocals
Matteo Sciocchetto – Guitar, Vocals
Matteo D’Ignazi – Drum, Sound Effects, Vocals

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The Curse” track streaming via Ripple Music:


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