Premiere: WYTCH Debuts ‘You’ Video Off ‘Exordium’ Album


Article by: Leanne Ridgeway

WYTCH has its debut album due out later this month through Ripple Music. Today we have a premiere of the lyric video for “You“, their latest single off that upcoming album, entitled ‘Exordium‘.

The Skellefteå, Sweden-based band WYTCH actually started under the name Aska in the Spring of 2016. The members come from different musical backgrounds, being formerly of the musical likes of Otyg, The Spacious Mind, TME, Vintersorg, and Stardog. In 2017, the band released a four-song EP, as Aska. In October 2020, the band signed on with Ripple Music and changed their name to Wytch – and that heavy rock five-piece is about to release their first full-length album, ‘Exordium‘.

The quintet consists of Johanna Lundberg on vocals, Simon Lundström on bass and backing vocals, Niklas Viklund and Mattias Marklund both on guitars and backing vocals, and Fredrik Nilsson on drums. WYTCH gave some insight into the new album:

‘Exordium’ is about the darker side of life, love and even death. The sound ranges from soft and mellow to almost punk rock, and you can definitely call it Heavy Rock. There’s no intentional flirtation with the 70s or any other specific era for that matter, we just played whatever we felt like. No boundaries. Oh, and the album was recorded without a click track and maybe that added some authenticity and honesty to it.

With their lyric video debut for the new single happening today, the band also explains the ideas behind “You:

The song is about society with all its norms and standards keeping you from being your true self. Everything is fine and dandy, as long as you fit the mould.

Wytch Exordium Album

01. Black Hole
02. Savior
03. Evil Heart
04. Blood
05. Warrior
06. Rebel
07. Break You Down
08. You

Exordium‘ is a potent set of tracks that fluidly balances a range of influences. The album slings the heaviest of tones at you, from head-swaying, banging hard rock rhythms to passionately sultry doom modes, then jacks the energy right back up to the riff peaks of proto-metal, all set in stone by the powerhouse tenacity of Johanna’s vocals.

The new tracks were recorded for the album at Silverhäxan Studios, in Skellefteå, Sweden, and engineered by Niklas Viklund. ‘Exordium‘ was produced and mixed by Niklas Viklund and Wytch, with mastering by Ronnie Björnström at The Mixroom, Sundsvall, Sweden. The album cover artwork and layout are by Johanna Lundberg.

The new album ‘Exordium‘ will be issued Friday, May 21st, 2021, on various limited vinyl formats, CD, and digital via Ripple Music. Have an eyeful of the new lyric video for “You“, plus the earlier singles “Black Hole” and “Savior” via Bandcamp. You can scoop up a copy of the  ‘Exordium‘ album at one of the following locations:

Ripple Music Webstore | Bandcamp


Johanna Lundberg – Vocals
Simon Lundström – Bass, Vocals
Niklas Viklund – Guitars, Vocals
Mattias Marklund – Guitars, Vocals
Fredrik Nilsson – Drums

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