THE ASOUND Rebound With ‘Commanding The Sword’ 7″ Flexi; Streaming

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

North Carolina’s The Asound seem to have recently burst onto the underground music scene with constant abound.  

The band have made their presence known with some fantastic live appearances, including our own regional showcase, Steel & Stone Festival (fest review here). Smitten with the band as I am, I even interviewed them recently which you can view at this location, if you missed it the first time.

The guys, Chad Wyrick (guitar, vocals), Michael Crump (drums) and Jon Cox (bass), are fans of providing regular recorded output.  As for me, I am a fan of their doing so.  Therefore, I am stoked to announce The Asound‘s just-released two-song “Commanding The Sword” 7″ EP on flexi-vinyl.  It’s a very limited run, lathe-cut, single-sided (one side) MUST HAVE item for true collectors.

I am not kidding when I say “limited” either as there were only 25 copies run altogether.  It was recorded and engineered by Brandon Hamby at Dead Peasant Studio on 6/8/2017, and has the title track and a cover of Floor’s “Loanin‘”, both of which are streaming below.

Commanding The Sword” is a powerhouse player of bluesy, ballsy attitude.  A slowly simmering song of chunky riffs and hammering rhythms.  Things are topped off with some very straightforward vocals, while “Loanin‘” is as crushingly thick and abrasive as the original.  Slow churning and manufactured with the murky doom overtones of the Floor’s blueprinted source, the shouted vocals and semi-industrial music is searing.

Stream it now and remember, it is out now, but only in extremely limited numbers.  Get yours NOW at The Asound Bandcamp page here.

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