NIGHT VERSES ‘Copper Wasp’ EP Review & Stream; Live Dates

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From the City Of Angels arrives a totally under-the-radar band, at least so for me, and its three-song EP. The band is Night Verses, the EP is ‘Copper Wasp‘ (released on January 18) and both are fantastically phenomenal!

The EP seems to be the band’s introductory studio offering.  If so, then that makes it even all the more impressive.  Though a scant 12 minute and change running time, the music here makes a resounding impact.  That very same music is highly energized, instrumental progressive rock / metal containing samples and spoken word inserts, all with a solidly futuristic feel to it.

Night Verses is Nick DePirro (Guitar), Reilly Herrera (Bass), and Aric Improta (Drums). What they execute here is pure aural euphoria. The intro title track, “Copper Wasp“, is a pulsating, weaving, winding pathway of grooves and hypnotic fare. The off-the-hook drumming, effect-heavy guitars, and rhythmic structuring is second to none.

Vice Wave“, the second song, immediately ripples with lysergic nuances before exploding into a dizzying onslaught. There is no static, fixed positioning here as you are bombarded with wave after alternating wave of superb musicianship. The song is a literal hive of activity, the rhythm section’s work alone is admirable, but with the frenzied guitar-play interjecting itself, oh my!

There are heartbeat quickening detours into a much heavier, metalized styling at times. The bass-slapped lines bounce their way across the airwaves as an underlying sense of urgency is ever-present. That and some intense interjections of programming and techno-electronica make this one a true stand-out.

With the arrival of the closing track “Vantablonde“, a whole other feel, or vibe, whatever, is immediate. A bit sedate at first, with some bongos and an airy, lighter rollout, the song takes on periodic flurries of fierce thrashing. Once again, rapid fire time changes and quickly hit tempo variations permeate the song with myriad spirals of sonic superiority.

Yes, that’s right, the members of Night Verses are clearly some well-trained, highly versatile, amazingly talented players. You will instantly realize this with just one play-through of ‘Copper Wasp‘, and I challenge you to check it out now. Personally, I don’t see how anyone can come away from this unscathed, or somehow fundamentally altered in their appreciation of what is possible within the music.

Stream the EP via the Bandcamp embed playing here or go right to the eye of this storm where it is available as NYP (Name Your Price) here.


On a related note, Night Verses are on “The Way Forward Tour” with Intervals, Jason Richardson, and Nick Johnston. Here are the remaining dates:

02/12 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
02/13 New Orleans, LA – Southport Music Hall
02/15 Tampa, FL – Orpheum
02/16 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
02/17 Greensboro, NC – Blind Tiger
02/18 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
02/19 Philadelphia, PA – The Foundry @ The Fillmore
02/20 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
02/21 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater

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