Riff Relevant Anniversary Giveaway! Win a SPARROWMILK / DOOMSTRESS Vinyl Split [D.H.U Records] + More!

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor, RiffRelevant.com)

2018’s month of March brings Riff Relevant to its first anniversary.  We’re grateful and we’re celebrating by giving away some more stuff!

Amazing that it’s only been one year since we’ve gone live, but in these 12 short months, there’s been a mind-boggling amount of support from everyone.  With the help of all our staff writers and guest contributors, there’s been about 1,330 articles published in the past year.  Riff Relevant has been averaging about five articles a day since its start, with interviews, band tours and release news buzz, music and show reviews, exclusives and premieres.

We’ve also teamed up with other music sites, bands, artists, record labels, radio/podcasts, and music event organizers and promoters, to reach out and help support both their individual endeavors and some regional music festivals specific to heavy music and artists.  It’s been a hell of a year!

Combine all that with the most important part of any music site, its readers and listeners.  That means you.  You all who have visited  the site to read some, all, or any of these articles,  or have followed one of the Riff Relevant social media pages.  The feedback and support from you has overwhelmed any possible expectation we could have had.  We appreciate everyone’s interest in the music and bands we’ve been sharing and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Riff Relevant, we’ve teamed up with Sparrowmilk, Doomstress, and their D.H.U. Records label to hold a contest giveaway.

Not just one, but TWO of you can win a copy of the “Doomstress/Sparrowmilk Split” 12″ vinyl release on one of two limited variants, plus each winner will get a Riff Relevant T-Shirt and a pile of patches, pins, stickers, and other goodies from a whole lot of music folks.  More on that way down below…

Per D.H.U. Records themselves:

“Texas crushers Doomstress team up with Cleveland’s Sparrowmilk to bring you a bona-fide ripper of a split, guaranteed to take the listener on a journey full of doom, despair and the darkened depths of the human mind!”

What we have is one of each of the D.H.U. Records ‘Band Editions’ of this vinyl split release.

Doomstress Edition

  • Limited to 100 copies
  • Hot Pink/Transparent Green Aside/Bside 12″ vinyl
  • Single sleeve w/ 3mm spine
  • Double sided full color inlay
  • Black poly-lined innersleeves
  • Artwork by Goatess Doomwych

Sparrowmilk Edition

  • Limited to 100 copies
  • White w/ Black and Silver Splatter 12″ vinyl
  • Single sleeve w/ 3mm spine
  • Double sided full color inlay
  • Black poly-lined innersleeves
  • Artwork by Erin Lung
  • This variant is currently SOLD OUT
Two Riff Relevant Giveaway Packs!
Two Riff Relevant Giveaway Packs!

Track List:

A1. Doomstress ~ Way of the Mountain
A2. Doomstress ~ Bitter Plea
A3. Doomstress – Rainbow Demon (Uriah Heep cover)
A4. Doomstress ~ Sleep Among the Dead

B1. Sparrowmilk ~ Black Night Satelite
B2. Sparrowmilk ~ Erie Depths
B3. Sparrowmilk ~ Teeth of the Hound

Sparrowmilk Vinyl Edition (Prize Package 1)
Sparrowmilk Vinyl Edition (Prize Package 1)
Doomstress Vinyl Edition (Prize Package 2)
Doomstress Vinyl Edition (Prize Package 2)

Head over to Riff Relevant‘s Facebook page (here), where you will soon find details for the contest.  Rules are simple, as always – just do some “likes” and whatnot.  We’ll choose the two winners by the end of the month!

If you’d rather not wait for our lollygagging, you can order the record at D.H.U. Records right [here].

Find out more:  Sparrowmilk / Doomstress / D.H.U. Records

Thank you for what you do and for reading what we do about what these artists do.  If you have any suggestions for bands to cover, or want to submit your own band’s info, feel free to visit our ‘About‘  page for all the info.

Thank you, as always to all our Riff Relevant staff writers and guest contributors. You can learn more about them on our ‘Staff” page, or just bounce around our archives.

~ Leanne

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