FUZZ FORWARD ‘Out Of Nowhere’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

I find it quite impressive that Barcelona, Spain’s FUZZ FORWARD only formed in mid-2016 and less than two years later, has just released their debut album.

My being impressed with the 8-song ‘Out Of Nowhere‘ is derived from the top-notch, superb quality of this album. I do not just mean in the sense of its production or sound quality, what have you, but in its overall everything. The songs themselves are just remarkable and yep, make quite an impression once you’ve experienced them.

‘Out Of Nowhere’ was released on CD and Digitally through Red Sun Records back on March 9th while pre-order for a limited edition Vinyl LP will begin HERE May 18th.

What we get here are solid songs constructed with equal measures of fuzzy Alt. Rock and stoner grooves but there’s also a cool modern Grunge vibe happening too. From the rollout of “Despairs” laid-back swagger to the Layne Staley era Alice In Chains-y “Summertime Somersaults“, or the ’70s classic rock feel of “Drained“, this album hits all over the map.


The band – Juan (vocals), Edu (guitars), Jordi (bass), and Marc (drums) – definitely live up to their band’s name by putting ample fuzz forward on numbers like “While They Corner” or “Go Crush“. The latter’s touch of psychedelia in the guitar effects and hazy choruses nicely offsets the cut’s more animated moments.

The reference to Alice In Chains above is something that repeatedly came to mind as I listened to ‘Out Of Nowhere’, especially in the vocal department. I think it’s a cool association myself because FUZZ FORWARD definitely retains their own identity throughout the album. Clearly, they’re seeking to carve their own path, establish their sound and such, but the brief AIC-ish nuances are a definite plus here.

Stream ‘Out Of Nowhere‘ from FUZZ FORWARD via our Bandcamp embed or you can take the direct route to stream / purchase the album HERE.

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