THE MON (Solo Ufomammut Member) Shares ‘Doppelleben’ Debut Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Italian experimental metal/psychedelic doom trio UFOMAMMUT are well known for crafting some of this planet’s most unique, mind-blowing audio output.

It comes as no surprise that THE MON, the name adopted by the band’s lead vocalist / bassist / synth player Urlo for his first solo outing, also pushes music’s boundaries. This is firmly realized with this week’s arrival of the début album from THE MON, ‘Doppelleben‘.

The album was released on CD, LP, and digital formats this past Thursday, November 8th, via Supernatural Cat, the label formed by members of UFOMAMMUT and the Malleus Rock Art Collective. What is contained upon ‘Doppelleben‘ are eight seemingly spiritual experiences, cultivated from ethereally industrial soundscapes melded with stark emotion, at times brooding and haunting.

Urlo shared this simple, matter of fact statement about the music’s goal:

…to reach the boundaries of a spiritual soundscape in which the music becomes purification and atonement, a way to bring out to the world inside my soul.


URLO (Photo Courtesy Of Francesca De Franceschi Manzoni)


Riff Relevant invites you to enter the transcendental state this music evokes by enjoying the stream of ‘Doppelleben‘ provided here. Rest assured, you will not be the same afterward. Also, check out the previously shared visualizers for three of the album’s tracks: “Her“, “Hate One I Hate” and “Doppelleben“.

Find available pre-orders for THE MON‘s ‘Doppelleben‘ at the following location-based links:

U.S. – Physical (Earsplit Distro HERE)

International – CD & LP (Supernatural Cat Webstore HERE)

Digital (Bandcamp HERE)

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