Exclusive Premiere: GOBLINSMOKER ‘Toad King’ EP Title Track Stream

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Riff Relevant is thrilled to present an exclusive première of “Toad King,” the title track from the upcoming début from GOBLINSMOKER. Their ‘Toad King‘ EP is due out December 14th, from Sludgelord Records.

Goblinsmoker hails from Durham, United Kingdom, and today is our first chance to give a full listen to this six minutes and 47 seconds of atmospherically doomed sludge metal in the title song. It’s heavily caustic and downright mean, covered in thick, grimy, sticky fuzz. It’s exactly what any self-respecting Toad King should be expected to sound like, a righteously nasty bastard ruler of a decrepit black metal forest of desperation. Click play and read on about this bleak tale…



Toad King‘ – Tracklist:

01. Toad King
02. Take The Dead
03. Time To Ride

Goblinsmoker consists of two currently nameless members A (guitars, vocals, bass) and C (drums) and the duo took some extra time for their songwriting, and that focus has brought storytelling through their music. Okay, they’re not truly nameless… A is Adam Kennedy and C is Calum Young, but who doesn’t like some added mystery to go with their metal dankness?

The Toad King himself is seemingly a lord of discontent, ruling over all goblins in their forest land. These goblin subjects are willing sacrifices who offer themselves to the king to be smoked, for the others to stay in his good graces. The début EP ‘Toad King‘ is the first in what we presume to be a thematic series of tales we may see in future releases from Goblinsmoker.

The ‘Toad King’ EP was recorded and mixed with Joe at No Studio in Manchester, U.K., and mastering was done by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The cover artwork was created by Adam C Design.

Toad King‘ is available in Digital download/stream and on physical format in a limited run of 50 high-quality, green cassette tapes. If you’re looking for the cassette, you’d better act with hyper-speed, as the first 25 copies offered on the Sludgelord Records’ Bandcamp page sold out in the first 48 hours. This is with fans only hearing a 20-second track clip…

You can try to grab one of the remaining 25 cassette copies (likely less by now) from Goblinsmoker‘s Bandcamp page [HERE]. Otherwise, pre-order the EP at Sludgelord Records [HERE], the full release is due December 14th.

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