BLACKWÜLF ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ Official Video Feat. Geof O’Keefe (Pentagram)

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

When Oakland, California’s brazen bastions of blues-infused rock music, BLACKWÜLF, unleashed their ‘Sinister Sides‘ album via Ripple Music earlier this year, fans of underground music took notice.

Rightfully so, too because the band – Alex Cunningham, Pete Holmes, Scott Peterson, and Dave Pankenier – delivered yet another tempest of swaggering rock ‘n roll as only they can. At the time, people were also quick to take notice of a very special guest that was featured on the album, former Pentagram guitarist / drummer Geof O’Keefe (also of Bedemon fame).

One of the tracks that O’Keefe contributed to was BLACKWÜLF‘s rendition of the Cream classic “Sunshine Of Your Love“, which the pairing has now released an official video for also. In the song and its subsequent visualizer, you can hear this collaboration’s magic working in every note as the guys instill an abundant amount of doom heaviness into this classic tune. O’Keefe’s own non-stop assault of guitar injections alone is enough to astound but here, bolstered by the band, things are just incredible to both hear and behold.

Vocalist Alex Cunningham comments:

Cream is a quintessential band that has inspired generations of musicians for decades now, ourselves included. “Sunshine of Your Love” features such an iconic riff and is arguably a seminal blueprint for the heavy rock that followed its first release in 1967. Initially, the song was a rehearsal warm up number for Blackwülf, but after moving it into our live set and seeing fans’ reactions, we decided to cut it to vinyl. With Pentagam’s Geof O’Keefe ripping as a guest on the track on lead guitar, we hope our version to be a worthy tribute to a band that means so much to us personally and to many other fans of vintage heavy rock.

Check out this stunning reinterpretation of this vintage song below, along with a stream of the ‘Sinister Sides‘ album from BLACKWÜLF, in case you missed it or just need a nudge to revisit.



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