LO-PAN Shares ‘Subtle’ Album Details; To Play Maryland Doom Fest 2019

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Ohio’s immensely original rock outfit LO-PAN announces they will release a new record, ‘Subtle‘, via Aqualamb Records on May 17th.

The well-respected quartet recorded the new album at two New York locations – Reservoir and The Union studios – with Grammy Award-winning producer James Brown (Foo Fighters, Ghost, Nine Inch Nails). LO-PAN‘s fourth album, ‘Subtle‘ was mastered by famed engineer Ted Jensen (Alice In Chains, Guns ‘N Roses, Mastodon) and is the highly anticipated follow-up to the unit’s 2017 release, ‘In Tensions’ [review].

Early reports hail the upcoming record’s contents as a whole new level of songwriting and execution has been achieved by bassist Skot Thompson, drummer Jesse Bartz, guitarist Chris Thompson, and singer Jeff Martin. Already a band with both powerful recording and stage presence, LO-PAN is known for providing superb songs melding an aural heaviness with catchy melodic qualities in their music. Their stage presentations are enthralling, tight-knit performances that set the bar extremely high for their peers to emulate.

Closing in on their 15th anniversary in 2020, LO-PAN is a road and stage-tested band, one that delivers stunningly immersive goods time and time again.

Vocalist Jeff Martin offers the following commentary about their strengths and the new album, saying:

“This band has always been four corners coming together. Nobody in this band comes from the same background, we often disagree on a lot of fundamental things, but it’s undeniable when we get together and it coalesces into the product of the four personalities. It hits me in my heart, and whenever I sing these songs I relive what I’m writing about. These are our most overtly and unapologetically hostile lyrics to date. I have always written what I think and feel.”

With bassist Skot Thompson adding:

“Chris [Thompson’s] songwriting is more of an organic process while mine’s very robotic. And those two wiring processes tend to blend themselves together. There’s been a handful of songs on [Subtle] in particular where those two processes have melded into something beautiful. A lot of these songs are me, Chris, and Jesse putting things together, with Jeff layering things on top to make it more of a solid form.”

For a first taste of what the new LO-PAN record holds in store, check out an album teaser trailer via the video clip below. The album will be released in LP format, with a sleeve designed by Eric Palmerlee, and will include a 100-page art book (pictured) / digital download package. Pre-order for ‘Subtle‘ is active now at the Lo-Pan Bandcamp page.

LO-PAN will be one of the many bands performing at the 2019 edition of Maryland Doom Fest (sponsored in part by Riff Relevant). Find all the bands appearing at Maryland Doom Fest, plus tickets and more.



01. 10 Days
02. Savage Heart
03. Ascension Day
04. Sage
05. Everything Burns
06. Old News
07. Bring Me A War
08. A Thousand Miles
09. Khan
10. Butcher’s Bill
11. The Law & The Swarm



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