QAALM Stream Demo (Mbrs. Act Of Defiance/Seven Sisters Of Sleep)

Qaalm Band
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

QAALM is the new Los Angeles-based atmospheric doom metal band featuring Henry Derek (Act Of Defiance / ex-Scar The Martyr vocalist) on guitar, Harassor vocalist Pete Majors, and former Seven Sisters Of Sleep guitarist Brock Elmore.

Joining them in the band’s line-up are Christopher Jon (synths and keyboards), Etay Levy (drums and percussion), and David Huet (bass). In QAALM, the sextet creates atmospheric, yet inevitably harrowing heaviness in the form of texturally expansive doom. Utilizing elements of sludge, black metal, and post-rock, the group incorporates baritone octaves, melodic overtones, and dissonant chords, each enriched with periodic ambient intensity.

The best way to experience the impassioned and oft times morosely brooding musicality of QAALM is the firsthand introduction. This is possible here by means of the band’s rather lengthy new demo composition, “Reflections Doubt”, streaming below and available to download.

Epic and exceptional, the song’s grandiose display of multifaceted vocals includes bold gutturals, as well as a piercing black metal style oration. It has been revealed that QAALM has a proper studio album in the works, along with several upcoming show announcements.



Qaalm Demo

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