SERPENTS (Feat. Karyn Crisis) Launches Via ‘Scongiuri’ Album

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Karyn Crisis has long been a pioneering vocal presence in a plethora of genre diverse outlets, including 13 years fronting metal band Crisis, and a stint singing in Italy’s jazz-infused blackened thrash act Ephel Duath.

Since 2009, Karyn has been front and center in the avant-garde atmospheric doom group, Gospel Of The Witches. With her dynamic range of multifaceted vocalizations, encompassing jarring guttural displays to stunning, angelic clean crooning, Karyn Crisis is a long-running trailblazer. This unquestionable fact was recently validated once again with the unveiling of a new project with sound engineer, DJ, producer, and all-around sonic manipulator, Luciano Lamanna.

Under the name SERPENTS, the duo recently unveiled their new, otherworldly electronic-and-voice exploration, the ‘Scongiuri‘ album. Produced by BloodRock and MMXIX, and mastered by Luciano Lamanna at Subsound in 2018, the album arrived June 21st from Bloodrock Records on limited colored 12″ vinyl LP and digital formats.




01. Heart Of Darkness
02. Ombelicale
03. Rattle The Waters
04. Janua Inferi

Featuring album artwork created by Karyn Crisis, and logotype by Christophe Szpajdel, ‘Scongiuri‘ provides a bewitching blend of industrial techno-wave and electronic psychedelia. The hypnotic, stripped-down melodic vocals with rich ambient qualities are counterbalanced by mesmerizing, voltaic spells of sound. A stream of the album is included in this article, with further streaming and purchase options at this LINK.

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