WOLF KING AudioTree Live In-Studio Performance

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

California’s post-hardcore/blackened thrash outfit WOLF KING is sharing an explosively volatile video of an in-studio live session filmed at AudioTree in Chicago, Illinois.

The performance was filmed in early August as WOLF KING was touring the eastern U.S. with ZAO and Hollow Earth. The video captures an incendiary WOLF KING – vocalist Tim Wilson, guitarist Jake Broughton, drummer Connor White, and bassist Brian Mojica – tearing through several tracks from 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘Loyal To The Soil‘ album.



Released through Prosthetic Records last year, ‘Loyal To The Soil‘ is a face-melting salvo of ferocious, extreme metal reflecting the apocalyptic feel of modern times. Confrontational and excessive, the aural artistry of WOLF KING delivers a non-stop barrage of lethal aggression.

If you have not seen the band live, or somehow have missed out on the ‘Loyal To The Soil‘ album, now is the time to experience WOLF KING for yourself. You can stream the live video or listen to the audio of the set and purchase/download from Audiotree’s Bandcamp below…



Vocalist Tim Wilson gives the last word, commenting:

It was a privilege for us to work with Audiotree. They’ve teamed up with some of our biggest influences in the past, and we’re honored to be hosted on their top notch platform. We hope you all enjoy.

AudioTree Live tracks:

01. Hail The Ash
02. Further
03. Loyal To The Soil I
04. Return To The Flock
05. Deathless


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