DESCENDANTS OF CROM III – Must-See Spotlight: FOX 45

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Last week, we kicked off the latest segment of Must-See Spotlight, mine in this case, in a series we are known to do with a couple of the U.S. festivals that Riff Relevant co-sponsors.

These latest spotlights center on bands that will appear at the third edition of DESCENDANTS OF CROM, being held in Pittsburgh a few short weeks from now. Set to take place at Cattivo’s on Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, September 22nd… with a Pre-Gala event at Howlers on Friday, September 20th. DESCENDANTS OF CROM III is sure to be another superb success when all is said and done. Yet until it is, we are taking a look at some of the bands I personally am beyond excited to see live for my first time ever, so let’s get started.


Photo By Stephen S. Reardon


FOX 45 from Rochester, NY take the limelight this week and they, like Icarus Witch who relaunched our series HERE last week, will perform at the Pre-Gala happening. Now in their sixth year of activity, the band currently consists of bassist and vocalist Amanda Rampage Rampe (Saints & Winos), guitarist and vocalist Vicky Tee, drummer Casey Learch, and guitarist Nick Walter.

Following up their ‘Gehenna‘ EP issued in 2014, FOX 45 made an impacting and lasting impression with their début full-length album, ‘Ashes Of Man‘ in 2016. Released through Twin Earth Records, this 10-song opus seized the collective throat of our heavy, stoner rock-loving community and choked it out with convincing aplomb.

Constructed with fuzz-enveloped, massive riffs and somewhat more blues-birthed rhythms, the songs of FOX 45 are a damned hella potent elixir. The airy, elevated vocals narrating these tunes add another stunning dimension to this punk-tinted take on alt. rock-melded psych-doom. The aforementioned asphyxiation was strengthened by the band’s ability to exude thick-as-molasses grooves amid their catchy melodies and harmonies.



Yes, it is true, there are underlying currents flowing from acts like L7 or Bikini Kill straight into the wheelhouse of FOX 45. There they are busted down and channeled through the band’s cast of players, components extrapolated to influence the haze of sonic heaviness this band discharges. It is the upcoming real-time dispelling of that very thing that I am super excited to see, hear, and experience live when I see FOX 45 for the first time. Will you dare join us for such?

Hopefully, you answered “affirmatory” to the query and plan to attend the upcoming DESCENDANTS OF CROM III. Below, you will find all the information, details, and other particulars you may need to know… looking forward to it, friends!




Friday, Sept. 20th – Pre-Fest Gala @ Howlers

Icarus Witch, Fox 45, Enhailer, Void King, Motometer, Submachine

Saturday, Sept. 21st – Day 1 @ Cattivo

ASG, Valkyrie, Brimstone Coven, Argus, Foghound, Kingsnake, Sun Voyager, Potslammer, Witchkiss, Tines, Pillars, Night Vapor, Action Camp, Coma, Old Dream

Sun., Sept. 22nd – Day 2 @ Cattivo

Brown Angel, Solace, Black Pyramid, Backwoods Payback, Irata, Frayle, Leather Lung, Spacelord, Lightning Born, Killer Of Sheep, Pale Grey Lore, Riparian, White Alice

Tickets can be purchased on the DESCENDANTS OF CROM website.



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