RED BEARD WALL & THUNDERCHIEF Unite For “Sacrament Of The Ninth Order” Tour

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Two entities are known for their emission of multifaceted audio abrasion – Plainview, TexasRED BEARD WALL, and Richmond, VA’s THUNDERCHIEF – announce they will join forces.

This aligning will be one of quite sinister proportions and is set to occur on the road throughout October and early November. The pairing is to impart the “Sacrament Of The Ninth Order Tour 2019” upon the public beginning in Dallas, Texas on October 17th.

From there, the unholy trinity of touring musicians – RED BEARD WALL‘s Aaron Wall (guitar, vocals) and George Trujillo (drums), and THUNDERCHIEF‘s sole sonic soul, Rik Surly (guitar, vocals, malevolence) – head east. The 15-date trek will wrap up in the U.S. doom capitol of Frederick, Maryland on November 2nd. The founders and figureheads of both bands were gracious in giving Riff Relevant commentary concerning the tour, each saying:

RED BEARD WALL‘s Aaron Wall:

Red Beard Wall is beyond honored and privileged, to be joining forces with the mighty THUNDERCHIEF, to spread the Revolution across a big swath of the U.S.! Rik [Surly] and I collaborated marvelously in the planning, and we shall do the same in bringing our separately unique, but when united, extremely cohesive auditory, and visual extravaganza to the people!! Your participation is vital!! See y’all soon! ALL HAIL!!!


It’s a great honor to be joining forces with Red Beard Wall… this alliance will bring Sonic Revolution to the people, and Thunderchief couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an awesome experience.

As you see, both bands embrace their roles as revolutionaries and agents of aural change, unwilling to play the game of mainstream musical conformity. Yet, ultimately, does not the music speak for itself when it comes to this rebellion? Listen to the recorded output of either and you will be subjected to a wide array of emotionally charged musicality tempered with multifaceted dynamics.



For RED BEARD WALL, the latest rendering of this came by way of their Argonauta Records released sophomore full-length, ‘The Fight Needs Us All‘ in early 2019. Within its eight tracks, a melding of fuzz-enriched grunge, alternative metal, and psych-punk takes place, one that you will not soon forget. Join the battle by checking out the stream of the album provided here.

With THUNDERCHIEF, the discharged sound is one of ambivert elements, the internal creations of Surly externalized. With instrumentation enhanced by electronic apparatuses and off-the-register volatility, this machine is one able to decimate horrid commercial pop. Feel “The Tone Of Sorrow” EP presented here, while the word is there will be new music performed on the upcoming tour stops.



You need to be at one, if not a few or even all, of the upcoming shows of the “Sacrament Of The Ninth Order Tour 2019” with RED BEARD WALL and THUNDERCHIEF. Each performance will feature support from bands specific to the region, which only adds to the not-to-be-missed factor of this trek. Find the routing and itinerary listed below.


Sacrament Of The Ninth Order Tour 2019

Oct. 17 – Dallas, TX @ Tradewinds Social Club
Oct. 18 – Austin, TX @ Dozen Street
Oct. 19 – San Antonio, TX @ Faust Tavern
Oct. 20 – Lafayette, LA @ Freetown Boom Boom Room
Oct. 21 – New Orleans, LA @ Poor Boys
Oct. 23 – Birmingham, AL @ Upsidedown Plaza
Oct. 24 – Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s
Oct. 25 – Wilmington, NC @ Reggie’s
Oct. 26 – Asheville, NC @ Static Age
Oct. 27 – Nashville, TN @ Betty’s Grill
Oct. 28 – Louisville, KY @ Highlands Tap Room
Oct. 29 – Youngstown, OH @ Westside Bowl
Oct. 30 – Canton, OH @ Buzz Bin
Nov. 1 – Kingston, NY @ The Anchor
Nov. 2 – Frederick, MD @ Guido’s Speakeasy


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