SUUM Tease ‘Cryptomass’ Album Via “The Silence Of Agony” Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The insuperable Italian doom unit SuuM has returned from the great beyond to share the song “The Silence Of Agony” with the tortured souls of Earth.

An official video for the song, the second single from the band’s upcoming sophomore album ‘Cryptomass‘, was recently unveiled. With harrowing black and white images of deathly type fare meshed with hazy visions of a performing SuuM, “The Silence Of Agony” visualizer is a stark scene to witness. However, all of this is the ideal accompaniment to the sullen moroseness amid the song’s melancholic components.

The four-piece SuuM creates a crushing density here, one possessing defined passages of a death metal nature at times. Vocally, “The Silence Of Agony” delivers a cohesively dual styling in its bemoaning clean and from-beyond-the-grave guttural, voicing. Experience it below, along with an audio stream of the title track of the upcoming ‘Cryptomass‘.

As for the eventual album release ‘Cryptomass‘, not a lot of information or specifics are available at this time. It is expected that official album artwork and pertinent details will arrive sometime in the near future. When it does, the sophomore SuuM album will follow-up on 2018’s magnificent ‘Buried Into The Grave‘ full-length, reviewed HERE at Riff Relevant.




Mark Wolf – Vocals
Painkiller – Guitars
Jos Grave – Bass
Fed Kemper – Drums


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