STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC 10th Anniversary Commemorative 7″ Coming

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Editor

The Lone Star State’s experimentally-natured duo of psychedelic metal, STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC, announce the March 27th arrival of a rather special recording.

An eponymously titled 7″ containing two of the band’s earliest songs is set to materialize next month. This commemorative effort will serve as a tribute to the first-ever live performance from STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC. The show occurred on March 26, 2010, where the pair – Mark Kitchens (drums, vocals, keyboard) and WilliamDub Irvin (guitar, vocals) – opened for Wo Fat and Little Big Horn in Dallas, Texas.

Exactly ten years and one day later, that introductory STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC live outing will be celebrated with two of the first tracks written and recorded by the band. Culled from their original 2010 demo, ‘Awash In Feedback‘, these songs serve as a reminder to just how far the duo has come in the decade since. The songs, “Walking Among The Blind” and “Mushroom Cloud“, are intensely stirring representations of the raw, experimental origins of STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC.



01. Walking Among The Blind
02. Mushroom Cloud



Originally recorded by Erik Carson at Tin Can Records, “Walking Among The Blind” is a gritty barrage of blues-sourced emanations. They travel fast and loose along deeply rutted grooves, frenzied flurries of drumming pushing their advance at times. Pay close attention as not to miss the scorching guitar solo ignited along the way.

Then there is “Mushroom Cloud“, recorded by Wo Fat’s Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sound, the song is a minimalist juggernaut of fuzz dense riffs, hypnotic vocals, and tribal-like drumming. Things play out in a rather distinct ebb-and-flow fashion as some passages rise with aggressive intensity, and others drain away, siphoning sonic energy as they go.



In the ten years since that first STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC show, Mark and Dub have repeatedly delivered some of the most unique music happening, bar none. It began with the aforementioned demo and continued upon a string of releases that includes the 2013 self-titled ‘Stone Machine Electric‘, 2014’s ‘Garage Tape‘, 2015’s ‘The Amazing Terror‘ EP, 2016’s ‘Sollicitus Es Veritatum‘, 2017’s ‘Vivere‘, and 2019’s incredible ‘Darkness Dimensions Disillusion‘. (FYI: All of these are currently available as NYP – Name Your Price – items at the S.M.E. Bandcamp page HERE).

The upcoming 7″ from STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC will be released March 27th and is available on vinyl and digital formats. All album jackets have the artwork hand stamped, and each will be hand numbered in an edition of 150. An insert with the handbill for the band’s inaugural 2010 show is also included with liner notes by J.J. Koczan of The Obelisk; pre-order [HERE].


Friday, March 13th – Arlington, TX @ Division Brewing (w/ Doomstress, 20 Watt Tombstone, & Growl) [info]


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