Premiere: SOLAR MANTRA Shares “Monster from the Abyss” Video

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Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

On September 3rd of this year, Italy’s Argonauta Records presented the release of SOLAR MANTRA‘s ‘Away‘, the first full-length album from these Roman stoner rockers.

Today we have a premiere of the band’s brand new video for the song “Monster From the Abyss,” which is track four off the new record. Some words from SOLAR MANTRA about the new video and single:

“‘Monster From the Abyss’ is a song about the hypocrisy of appearance. Most of the people wear a mask when they get in contact with others. Different masks for different situations: at work, with friends, with the girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.. guess it’s the foundation of the common compromise of social interaction. Nowadays everyone lives a parallel life in many different social platforms that doesn’t allow any interruption from a constant show off of a desirable image of itself. Most of the time, this image is exactly the opposite of reality. Sad but true. Everyone is judge and defendant in this enormous virtual-social trial!

The video, created by director Alessandro Ungheri, tries to give a feeling about this concept: a grotesque reality made of ugly, ridiculous, dirty, and lazy versions of Solar Mantra‘s members, constantly focused on trash broadcasting on tv (cookware sellers, fortune tellers and cook shows, all based on a common subliminal erotic message), all of a sudden, by a remote control short circuit, get in touch with the desirable image of themselves, playing the song in a super cool place, wearing fancy clothes with a sexy and catchy attitude.

The grotesque version of Solar Mantra is then magically teleported in the place where the cool ones are playing and suddenly start cheering as they finally found out something really attractive, until the end of the song when the troglodytes disappear and just the desirable ones remain as to show how the appearance obscures the reality.”

Find more details below about SOLAR MANTRA‘s ‘Away‘ album and check out the “Monster From the Abyss” video premiere as well as a full stream of the album below via Bandcamp.


Solar Mantra Away album art
Artwork by Eli Quinn


01. Stone Rider
02. Pacciani
03. Candyman
04. Monster From The Abyss
05. Mazinga
06. Thiz Iz
07. Hard As A Stone
08. Crown
09. Hurricane
10. The Snake
11. Solar Mantra

The band, which formed in 2017, takes its listener on a wild fuzz-rock trip into a psychedelic wonderland. With their catchy yet powerful and heavily groovy stoner sound, the Italian four-piece creates a revitalizing vibe that is immediately evident. From the crushing album opener “Stone Rider” to the equal bracing, grande finale “Solar Mantra“, the album ‘Away unleashes eleven gritty and hooking songs that deliver the perfect soundtrack for a road trip in the sun!

Away is the result of a new creativity vein that came from the new lineup, since 2019, with Francesco on guitar and Federico on bass,” says vocalist Tommaso Santillo. “The different influences from our first EP created a new sound and groove that comes to light on our new album ‘Away'”.

“The leitmotif is the hypocrisy of the appearance, about the difference between our real emotions, feelings, believes, opinions and what we want or we are forced to show in this ‘over-ruled’ social environment. The artwork expresses the will to escape from this black hole of social rules and regulamentations towards the inspiring light of the sun… in one word: ‘Away’.”

With cover artwork from the spectacular Eli Quinn, the ‘Away‘ album is out now through Argonauta Records on CD and digital download or streaming. Order from either the Argonauta Records webshop or over at the SOLAR MANTRA Bandcamp page.


Tommaso Santillo – Vocals
Francesco Carretti – Guitar
Federico “Quattro” Lombardi – Bass
Simone Bianchini – Drums

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