STAHV Issues “All-Seeing I” Single; To Play Northwest Terror Fest

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor

As many musicians and artists continue to fuel a movement of individual-based projects and recordings, one in particular astounds listeners time and time again. 

Operating under the moniker of STAHV, multi-instrumentalist SolomonAriRosenschein (Teacher, The Royal Oui) continually pushes the envelope past others’ perceived limitations. Landing on the Riff Relevant radar with a 2017 self-titled album [reviewed HERE], I was instantly enthralled with the intoxicating meld of shoegaze, industrial, psych-doom, drone, and electronica that STAHV commands.

All-Seeing I“, a new single surfaced recently and finds the emitted output of STAHV evolving once again, incorporating fresh elements and advancing into new aural realms. One of the latest components being explored is the use of vocals and singing in the primarily-instrumental STAHV. Here, they are implemented in the form of a multi-tracked vocoder choir intoning the track’s title at specific points within the composition, and the results are astounding.




Reminiscent of ‘Meddle‘ era Pink Floyd blended with the stylistic nuance of an act like Starflyer 59, Ari successfully takes us into a rabbit hole of ethereal, otherworldly soundscapes. “All-Seeing I” is just the initial taste of what is to come in time, the first single from a forthcoming EP currently in production, ‘The Sundowner‘.

The single is streaming above for your listening enjoyment and available for further streaming and purchase at Bandcamp HERE.

In related news, STAHV is set to perform at this month’s Northwest Terror Fest Day 2 After-Party, along with Chicago’s nihilistic sludge noisemongers INDIAN. Find out more about the event and purchase tickets at this LINK.


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