Premiere: ELECTRIC AGE “In Silence” Single; MD DOOM FEST 2019 Must-See Spotlight [Pat]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Here is a cool piece of factual trivia for you: In March 2017, the first-ever exclusive premiere brought to you by Riff Relevant was the “Cold Witch” official video from Louisiana’s ELECTRIC AGE [link].

The song was one of the twelve incredible tracks that graced the previous year’s phenomenal sleeper album, ‘Sleep Of The Silent King‘ (see what I did there?), later re-released through Argonauta Records. Reviewed HERE, the album went on to blow up quicker than a deepwater drilling rig, gaining such a fiery momentum that it landed on many Best Album lists, and deservedly so. With an unmatched swagger embedded within its every chord, note, and passage, Shawn Tucker (guitar, bass, vocals), Jason Ogle (bass, guitar, vocals), and Kelly Davis (drums, vocals) seemed to come from out of nowhere with this riveting album – one notably mixed and mastered by ChrisZuessHarris.



In the short couple of years since, ELECTRIC AGE has only grown in popularity. Their music is a meld of melodic metal elements with an overall massive heavy rock quality, infused with prevalent southern doom undercurrents. I find it enthralling myself, even now still, it possesses a molten fluidity to it, managing to simultaneously emit staggering density amid an opalescent haze of emotionally charged audio. The trio captured these qualities on a later live offering, the four-song ‘Live At The House Of Blues-NOLA‘ (streaming link and NYP offer).

This is why ELECTRIC AGE are the latest band to make the cut for my in-no-particular-order top Must-See Acts at this coming weekend’s MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2019. They will headline the alternate venue, Guido’s Speakeasy, on Saturday night (June 22nd) before Apostle Of Solitude and Pentagram bring things to a close at Cafe 611. Never having seen ELECTRIC AGE live prior, I am quite ecstatic about the prospect that this will soon be remedied. But before that happens, we get to re-experience the sharing of something new from ELECTRIC AGE



Riff Relevant is elated to host the exclusive premiere of the new single “In Silence” from ELECTRIC AGE (and adorned with artwork from Paul Finn)! The song provides a revealing insight into the band’s evolving songwriting, cutting away and discarding anything unbeneficial. We find a more seasoned trio of musicians, ones playing to their strengths and revealing that they are hard at work on a new album. Once again to be released through Argonauta Records, ‘Painter Of Saints‘ is well underway and will feature songs with titles like “House Of Leaves“, “Soothsayer“, and “A Church Within” alongside “In Silence“.

The band shared the following comment with us saying:

We are happy to finally release something after a few setbacks. The band has evolved since our first release, as we were finding our way as a band then. This new record captures our 3-piece sound in the strongest possible way.

...And we are quite excited to share this new song with people in conjunction with our first appearance at The Maryland Doom Fest!

Further details for ‘Painter Of Saints‘ will be reported as they become available but now, check out “In Silence” below. My suggestion would be you do this and then haul ass to Frederick, Maryland for this weekend’s MARYLAND DOOM FEST! You can join me and all of the attendees in seeing ELECTRIC AGE live on Saturday (6/22), along with a few dozen more stellar bands from Thursday, June 20th through Sunday, the 23rd.

Find all related MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2019 news and details at their official website HERE. Advance ticket sales for Maryland Doom Fest are now over, but you may luck out at the door…



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