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The Gear Assembly interview series is especially for the music gear addicts, or simply the curious like myself.

Each article in the Gear Assembly series features a different musician answering the same questions, highlighting both their varying preference in music gear, as well as their own music that results from using that gear. Hopefully, it brings some awareness to both the artists and their gear makers. You’re reading, so we’ve got at least one more. Find new music, learn about who’s making it and what they use to create it…



TEMPTATION’S WINGS hails from the Asheville, North Carolina area and have been high on the hotlist of one of our writers, Pat Whitaker, for the past few years. He’s interviewed them, as well as included them in his 2017 ‘Favorites‘ and we’ve also premiered an EP for them in the past, prior to their appearance at the Maryland Doom Fest 2019. Suffice to say, he likes ’em!

You can find out some more about their guitarist Micah Nix below and we’re rather pleased to have him be the fourth piece in the Gear Assembly! Rock on…



Riff Relevant /Leanne:  What instrument(s) do you play?

Micah Nix:



Riff Relevant /Leanne:   Give us a rundown of your current live gear set-up.

Micah Nix:

I’m running an EVH 5150 III 50 watt into an old Marshall cabinet with two Celestion GT12-75 and two V30.

I run a few pedals, including a Boss tuner, Frost Giant Electronics Massiff, an Electro Harmonix Phaser, and an Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run.

My main guitar is a Kiesel SCB6



Riff Relevant:  When was the exact moment you realized you wanted to play your instrument(s)? Who was your primary influence at that moment?


I had picked around a little on guitar, but knew I wanted to get serious when I heard ‘Master of Puppets‘ for the first time. I was 13.


Riff Relevant:  Which one of your songs best exemplifies you as a musician? Why?


Of the songs we’ve released, “Mirkwood” is the one that compiles a lot of my influences.



Riff Relevant:  Is there specific gear you prefer to use in the studio that would be different from your live set-up?


I like to use exactly what I use live for most of the recordings.

…With the exception of an acoustic guitar and a mandolin.


Riff Relevant:   Any type of pre-show/practice warm up rituals?


We usually eat at a Mexican restaurant before local shows. Other than that, just some stretching in my old age.


Riff Relevant:  How do you keep things interesting when able to be out on tour & playing the same set each night?


Our jobs don’t allow us much time to tour, so the excitement is still there when we do get to go out. We do change up the set list a bit each night.


Riff Relevant:  What do you think gives your playing its signature sound?


It’s always a work in progress. I borrow licks from here and there and try to combine them in an interesting way.

I especially like to borrow from Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth).


Riff Relevant:  Any brand loyalty? Are you partial to one company over another? Any current sponsorships or your own signature gear?


If it sounds good, I like it. I like to do a lot of trading and swapping, but my EVH 5150 III will be with me until it dies.



Riff Relevant:  What is the most important piece of equipment currently in your live set-up? Why? What is it about that one?


Back to my 5150. It does everything well, and the channel switching and effects loop are second to none.


Riff Relevant:  What do you enjoy doing outside of music, that you feel ultimately contributes to your musicality? (For example, a hobby that you turn to in order to stimulate your creativity.)


I’m a video game nerd and like to fish. Fantasy games and being in nature tend to inspire a lot of my lyrics.


Riff Relevant:  Are there any newly emerging artists or bands that are currently influencing you? If yes, how so?


Probably the newest band that has had an influence on me is Khemmis. I’m a sucker for guitar harmony and have finally gotten to bring that element into our music.


Riff Relevant:  If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming musician, what would it be?


Just be yourself. Do what you think is cool. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

And wear your earplugs, so you’re not deaf when you get into your 30s!



Riff Relevant:  How has the virus pandemic impacted your music life or career? What are some ways you’ve been doing things differently?


We’ve been recording, so luckily it hasn’t affected us too much, yet. It’s affected a lot of bands we know, though. Hopefully it will run its course fast, for a lot of reasons!


Riff Relevant:  If you could have any music gear you wanted, what would be your ideal set up?


I want another Flying V. Also, an Idiotbox Effects Han-Taun Pedal.



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