GEAR ASSEMBLY Series #5: HAUNT / BEASTMAKER’s Trevor William Church

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Gear Assembly interview series is especially for the music gear addicts, or simply the curious like myself.

Each article in the Gear Assembly series features a different musician answering the same questions, highlighting both their varying preference in music gear, as well as their own music that results from using that gear. Hopefully, it brings some awareness to both the artists and their gear makers. You’re reading, so we’ve got at least one more. Find new music, learn about who’s making it and what they use to create it…


HAUNT / BEASTMAKER’s Trevor William Church

Trevor William Church, guitarist and vocalist for the bands BEASTMAKER and HAUNT, is possibly part machine. The man from Fresno, California looks and acts human enough, but he has certainly been a busy guy the past several years. Two bands, multiple tours, and a slew of releases from both bands put out at an almost shocking frequency.

I wouldn’t suspect Trevor is slowing down, even with the homebound rules currently in effect. Let’s find out what Trevor William Church is up to these days, as he’s here to be our fifth piece in the Gear Assembly! Rock on…



Riff Relevant /Leanne:  What instrument(s) do you play?

Trevor William Church:

Guitar and vocalist.



Riff Relevant /Leanne:   Give us a rundown of your current live gear set-up.

Trevor William Church:

1983 BC Rich Mockingbird NJ – White
1984 BC Rich Mockingbird NJ – Black

Peavey 5150 “Block”
Worshiper 4×12 Cabinet with Eminence Man-O-War speakers

Pedal Board-
Shure GLDX16 | Arion Octave | Arion Super Chorus | Arion Equalizer | Arion Stereo Delay



Riff Relevant:  When was the exact moment you realized you wanted to play your instrument(s)? Who was your primary influence at that moment?


I started playing at about 11 years old and the main influence at that time was Metallica.


Riff Relevant:  Which one of your songs best exemplifies you as a musician? Why?


Always the newest one I’ve written. But if I had to pick one that’s already released, “Hearts on Fire“.

Mainly because I wrote it about skateboarding, and I’d have to say that without skating I wouldn’t have fallen into music. It defined who I was growing up. It still plays a role, even in my adult life. Skate or die!



Riff Relevant:  Is there specific gear you prefer to use in the studio that would be different from your live set-up?


I like to use Amplitube software, namely their Engl Powerball VST. I use a bunch of different VST compressors in the studio, as well. Most are based off of UA’s 1176 unit.

I also use a Universal Audio OX, which is an interesting unit, because you get cab simulation while plugging your tube head directly into your DAW.

I use  UA 4-710D preamp for miking guitars. A Warm Audio 73-EQ at times.

I own a large amount of effects pedals. Mainly early 80’s cheap pedals. Arion and Aria. I basically own the entire line from both companies. There are also a couple Mesa Boogie heads here – a DC10 and a Mark III.



Riff Relevant:   Any type of pre-show/practice warm up rituals?


I usually practice the entire set on guitar, or half of each song. Just to get comfortable.

Gatorade. Also, some vocal warm ups to loosen up.


Riff Relevant:  How do you keep things interesting when able to be out on tour & playing the same set each night?


I take the same approach as I would in skateboarding.

You’re doing the same tricks all the time, but when you take it to a new spot it’s different. It’s new there and somehow that makes it a totally new experience. Just get sweaty and rock.


Riff Relevant:  What do you think gives your playing its signature sound?


My fingers!



Riff Relevant:  Any brand loyalty? Are you partial to one company over another? Any current sponsorships or your own signature gear?


Ernie Ball strings. Only strings I’ve committed to, since day one. I tried others, but always came back. I have an Ernie Ball endorsement, but I’d use them anyway.

I like to use a lot of different brands, as far as gear. I’ll try anything that seems appealing.


Riff Relevant:  What is the most important piece of equipment currently in your live set-up? Why? What is it about that one?


My two BC Rich Mockingbirds. They give me power… or so I think they do.


Riff Relevant:  What do you enjoy doing outside of music, that you feel ultimately contributes to your musicality? (For example, a hobby that you turn to in order to stimulate your creativity.)


Skateboarding, weed, and coffee.


Riff Relevant:  Are there any newly emerging artists or bands who are currently influencing you (or you just enjoy)? If yes, how so?


Flight, Seven Sisters, Screamer, Hell Fire, Night Demon, Skull Fist, Enforcer, Cauldron. To name a few.

They all have the spirit and can rip on guitar.


Riff Relevant:  If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming musician, what would it be?


Don’t spend a lot of money on gear. Cheap stuff can be just as awesome if you know what to look for.



Riff Relevant:  How has the virus pandemic impacted your music life or career? What are some ways you’ve been doing things differently?


Tours are cancelled and basically can’t rehearse with my band. I’m just focusing on songwriting, recording, and practicing.

I’m generally a homebody, outside of touring. So, I’m okay with being home, because I have a recording studio in the back house to keep me busy. I’m eager to get back on stage.


Riff Relevant:  If you could have any music gear you wanted, what would be your ideal set up?


Basically, what I have now. I’m pretty simple.



Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube | Bandcamp | Merch


Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube | Bandcamp | Merch


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