STEAK ‘No God To Save’ Review & Full Stream

Tomorrow..Friday, May 19th will see the release of the new full-length album from the UK’s Steak, ‘No God To Save‘, via Ripple Music. This is one release that I have been eagerly awaiting and have now been jamming non-stop for a couple of weeks.   Continue reading “STEAK ‘No God To Save’ Review & Full Stream”

MUDBATH ‘Brine Pool’ Review, Stream & NYP Item

The Avignon, France-based bashers in Mudbath have returned with a brand new offering for you experience, ‘Brine Pool‘. The 6-song recording is the follow-up to the band’s previous release, 2015’s Corrado Zeller. It was recorded and mixed by Mathieu “Mouffi” Croux (Verdun, Sofy Major) and mastered by Collin Jordan (Bongripper, Cough, Xiu Xiu).
Continue reading “MUDBATH ‘Brine Pool’ Review, Stream & NYP Item”

JESUS PIECE/MALICE AT THE PALACE Split Review & Stream; Tour Dates

This Friday, May 19th will see the release of the 4-song Split from the pairing of bands Jesus Piece and Malice At The Palace. Each band provides two scathing cuts to the upcoming offering, which is streaming below, from Bridge Nine Records.   Continue reading “JESUS PIECE/MALICE AT THE PALACE Split Review & Stream; Tour Dates”

SMOKE MOUNTAIN Self-Titled EP Review & Stream

From the deep, dark swamps of Tallahassee, Florida comes a mountain of smoke-enveloped doom. In fact, it comes in the form of the lumbering Smoke Mountain trio and their recently released three-song, self-titled EP.   Continue reading “SMOKE MOUNTAIN Self-Titled EP Review & Stream”

DUEL ‘Witchbanger’ Review & Album Stream

There is no denying that Austin, Texas is home to so much killer rock and roll and related events that it can sometimes be hard to keep track. However, one band from there has set themselves apart from all the rest. The band, Duel, made a searing impact on fans of hard rock with their 2016 début, ‘Fears Of The Dead‘.     Continue reading “DUEL ‘Witchbanger’ Review & Album Stream”

Buckethead – ‘Buckheadland: Pikes’ (Series) Releases Review, Photos, Stream

Bucketheadland #93
Bucketheadland #93

Buckethead’s Buckheadland: Pikes (Series, beginning in May 2011) – Release review and series overview from new Riff Relevant staff writer, David LaMay. Welcome to the crew, Dave!    Continue reading “Buckethead – ‘Buckheadland: Pikes’ (Series) Releases Review, Photos, Stream”

WHITENAILS ‘First Trip’ Review & Song Premiere

Everyone remembers their first trip, right? Be it either of the third eye-opening hallucinogenic nature or their initial time going off to some distant place somewhere. Both easily qualify as a “first trip” kind of experience, but I am here to inform you that there’s now an equally valid third option…    Continue reading “WHITENAILS ‘First Trip’ Review & Song Premiere”